The Bingo Variants at a Glance

The 75 Ball Bingo
Anyone who has played bingo in the United States should know the 75 ball bingo. The players decide whether to buy one or more bingo cards and have them handed over to them. Each card is equipped with a 5 x 5 grid and thus has 25 fields. Each field has a number between 1 and 75. Except for the one field in the middle. This field has no number and serves as a wild card. With this joker, possible winning combinations can be completed.

Bingo can be read above the columns of the grid, with each letter of this word above a column:
The B is above the first column
The I is above the second column
The N is above the third column
The G is above the fourth column
The O is above the fifth column
The numbers are broken down as follows:
The numbers 1 to 15 are in the B column
The numbers 16 to 30 are in the I column
The numbers 31 to 45 are in the N column
The numbers 46 to 60 are in the G column
The numbers 61 to 75 are in the O column

Once the game starts, the numbers are drawn randomly and announced. If the announced number is on the ticket, the corresponding field is marked. Since there are a total of 75 numbers in the game and only 24 numbers have been printed on the ticket, not every player will be able to mark the announced number on the ticket. Because the number drawn is not on every issued ticket. In the 75 ball variant, the focus is on so-called 5-in-a-row patterns. Translated, that means 5-in-a-row pattern. The aim is to hit a line consisting of 5 numbers in vertical, horizontal or diagonal alignment.

The 90 Ball Bingo
Outside the United States, 90 ball variant is preferred. This particularly affects Great Britain and the rest of Europe. The most serious difference to 75 ball bingo is the design of the bingo cards. The 90 ball cards are also known as tickets and have three rows and nine columns with a total of 21 fields. However, not every one of these fields has a number, because only five numbers were entered per row. The free midfield is dispensed with in this version. The usual winning combinations of 90 ball bingo consist of horizontal lines, which are referred to as lines. Every field with numbers must be marked.